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Introducing Almora’s Live Resin Delights. Available across three unique flavors, Almora Delights are made with all-natural ingredients delivering a delicious treat that will enhance any occasion. Our handcrafted Delights are always vegan and gluten free so that everyone can experience their own sweet escape. Each Delight is infused with 10mg of strain-specific live resin extracted directly from sun-grown whole flower. From farm to fingertips, we take great pride in cultivating cannabis the way nature intended so that you can enjoy the perfect harmony of purity and flavor.

Our Apple and Yuzu gummies are infused with 10mg of Do-Si-Dos Live resin, delivering potent hybrid effects. The Do-Si-Do high hits you fast and hard with a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that lasts for only a few moments before fading into a happy stoney introspection. All the while delicious tastes of Apple and Yuzu elevate the wave of euphoria that slowly envelopes the body.

Almora Farms - Green Apple & Yuzu Live Resin Gummies (Delights) - Hybrid

  • Hybrid