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Kool Aid, a Sativa-dominant gem, delights with its vibrant, sweet, and tangy fruit punch flavors, igniting the senses with every draw. This strain boasts a lively aroma, mingling festive fruity sweetness with a zesty kick, perfect for uplifting spirits and fueling creativity. The effects are predominantly energetic and joyful, making it an excellent choice

Each APE Blunt is expertly crafted, featuring a glass tip for a smooth and refined smoking experience. Hand-broken flower ensures a pure and consistent burn, while the wrap made of hemp paper adds to the natural, authentic flavor.

Ape Blunt - Kool Aid - 2.2 Grams - Sativa

  • Weight 2.2 g

    Variety: Sativa Dominant

    Strain: Kool Aid

    THC Potency: 32%

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